A recently restored 17th century Coaching Inn, the pub has been at the heart of the village for many years. Still a thriving village local, you’ll find nods to the pubs former years dotted throughout the bar and restaurant. Recently, the pub entered the next stage of its life as a pizza pub. We found that people quite like pizza – as do we – and so we have bought our popular nole sourdough pizza to Netheravon. We know that pizza isn’t for everyone, but we also know that it is for a lot of people. It complements a crisp pint perfectly and lends itself to more casual dining, something that the make-up of The Dog and Gun lends itself to.

With regards to location, the pub sits on the heart of the Salisbury Plain and benefits from huge surrounding acres of open land. If it’s not being blown up by the military (avoid red flag areas), it’s a great place to have a wander and explore. There are parts that feel so remote you could be almost anywhere. Because of this, some local amenities are a drive away. That said, our food is great and our beer is plentiful, so come and get stuck in.

It's also probably worth mentioning that you can get our nole sourdough pizza - & even our 'non pizza' options - to takeaway too. So, if you fancy a pizza on the go, at the top of a hill, or in the comfort of your own home, then come and grab one. Equally as delicious as dining in and the menu is the same as the restaurant.

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In light of the current pandemic, we will constantly evaluate the way we welcome you and the way we do things. For more information, click here.