Things to do


To our north is the market town of Marlborough and just south is Pewsey Vale – a fab walking area. If it’s the walking you’re here for, The Pewsey White Horse Loop is a good place to start - look out for one of the eight white chalk horses that can be seen on Wiltshire hillsides. Closer than Pewsey, and so more conveniently located, is Figheldean and a walk that takes you past Stonehenge and loops back. If you come to stay, you can find a map of these routes in your room.



You can’t really miss it – it’s just down the road and well worth a visit.

salisbury cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

The Medieval city of Salisbury is home to Salisbury Cathedral and also importantly, our little pizza shop. The 13th century cathedral sits amongst 80 acres of stunning grounds and has one of Europe’s tallest spires – it’s much larger than our nole, but a pizza and a pint on the market square at the end of your visit might just do the job.

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